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Eliminate stiffness and restore mobility to your neck with one of the best chiropractors for neck pain Mornington Peninsula.

Did you know?

With so many people nowadays leading a sedentary lifestyle, hunching over computers and smartphones for hours on end, it is no wonder one in 10 Australians experiences neck pain at any given time. However, neck pain should not prevent you from performing your work tasks, engaging in everyday activities and enjoying life. A professional chiropractor can help you relieve neck pain and improve your overall well being.

What is neck pain?

Neck pain is ache, soreness or stiffness in or around the neck area (the cervical spine). It can occur solely in the neck (axial neck pain) or spread to other areas like shoulders, arms and even fingers (radicular neck pain). Additionally, it can shoot into the head, causing a throbbing or stabbing headache.

Neck pain can be acute or chronic.

Acute pain occurs immediately and is part of the initial phase of neck pain and/or injury. For instance, it can be that sudden burst of pain you feel after turning your head too quickly or further than normal, like straining a muscle. It is important to get any neck pain assessed and treated by a professional as it could be something serious.
Chronic pain, on the other hand, can impact your life longer. If your neck ache persists for more than a few weeks, you have chronic neck pain and should seek advice from a health professional to find out the cause.
At Chiropractic Treats, we recommend you come in for an assessment and a chiropractic neck treatment as early as possible.

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Symptoms of neck pain

How are you today?

Many people assume neck pain is easy to identify and ignore certain symptoms,  thinking they have nothing to do with neck pain.

Here are the crucial questions to ask yourself to determine if you have neck ache:

Do you feel neck pain every morning upon waking up?
Is your neck stiff, making it difficult to move your head?
Are your neck muscles aching constantly?
Do you experience stabbing pain in the neck?
Do you feel soreness and tightness in your shoulders?
Do you feel pain radiating down your back, shoulders and arms?
Are your hands or fingers tingling?
Are you experiencing tension headaches (intense pain feeling like you have a tight band around your head)?
Are you experiencing balance and coordination issues?

If you have answered any of these questions positively, that is a tell-tale sign of neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

Your neck has the tough job of holding your head which weighs 5 kg or the equivalent of a bowling ball. It is no surprise, that your neck bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments must work hard all day to support it and ensure spinal alignment. Once they fall out of balance due to poor posture or an injury, the result is strain, tension and neck pain.
So, what exactly causes neck pain?

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Poor posture

Prolonged sitting at a computer forces your head to tilt forward, altering your body’s natural alignment and imposing constant stress on your neck.

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Physical trauma

Whiplash after a road accident or other physical trauma can cause acute neck pain.

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Sports injury

Sudden or unusual neck movements can impact neck and shoulder nerves during a sports activity.

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Poor sleeping positions

Awkward sleeping positions and uncomfortable pillows can overextend your neck, stiffening your spinal (facet) joints and muscles.

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Repetitive head movements

Moving your head in repetitive activities or holding it in an unusual position can strain your neck muscles.

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Nerve compression

A cervical herniated disc, cervical osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease can press your neck nerves, causing chronic radicular pain.

At Chiropractic Treats, your neck pain relief is our top priority but our ultimate goal is to go beyond the pain and identify the root cause of it.  If you are looking for a professional chiropractor for your neck pain near Mornington Peninsula, get in touch  today and free yourself from pain.

Can a chiropractor
help with neck pain?

Most of my clients ask, “Should I see a chiropractor for neck pain?” Many of them are concerned that a neck adjustment chiropractor may not be able to help and potentially make matters worse.

The truth is a gentle chiropractic neck adjustment can relieve pain, decrease neck muscle tension and improve mobility. There is no reason to worry if a licensed chiropractic for neck pain Mornington Peninsula performs your treatment.

At Chiropractic Treats, we don’t just “crack away” at the spine. 

Dr Erin Conway will first gather all information about your occupation, lifestyle and sleeping habits to better understand your neck pain. After a full physical, neurological and spinal examination, she will perform a gentle neck adjustment and soft tissue therapy including massage to the tight neck muscles. Besides providing neck chiropractic adjustment at the clinic, dr Erin Conway will recommend a specialised exercise program, a contoured pillow for correct neck support while sleeping as well as dietary and ergonomic tips to ensure you maintain an active home care.
Her multimodal approach which combines chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, corrective home exercises and lifestyle changes, promotes healing from all angles and makes Dr Erin the best chiropractor for neck pain Mornington Peninsula.

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Say goodbye to neck pain
with the best chiropractor for neck pain Mornington Peninsula!

Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic neck pain, a gentle chiropractic neck adjustment and soft-tissue therapy can eliminate all aches and help you feel like yourself again.
Book your 30-minute appointment with Dr Erin, get personalised neck pain Mornington Peninsula treatment and take a step to a pain free life!

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