Mornington Peninsula Chiropractic Treats
With Dr Erin Conway

Your Mornington Peninsula chiropractor dedicated to helping her community live a pain free, healthy and happy life.

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Meet Dr Erin Conway

Dr Erin Conway is a New Zealand-born Australian passionate about chiropractic care and preventative healthcare.
She studied Clinical Exercise Science and Human Movement at Victoria University in Melbourne for a year before entering the chiropractic world. She completed her chiropractic studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, earning a double Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic).
Her lifelong enthusiasm for physical movement led her to study the human body, guiding her onto the path of chiropractic health and wellness.

Discovering a passion for
Chiropractic Care

As an avid runner, gymnast and tennis player in her teens and early twenties, Erin saw what her body can achieve through harsh training routines and what it could not.
However, it wasn’t until she learnt about biomechanics and body movements in a chiropractic way that she genuinely started to appreciate the significant role a proper functioning nervous system plays not only in athleticism but in overall health.

Erin was 21 when she visited a chiropractor as a patient for the first time and knew then and there what she wanted to do with her life professionally – a chiropractic career was her calling.

Erin had a long way to go, but she was ready to head on a thrilling chiropractic journey and help people experience the relaxing, liberating benefits of chiropractic adjustment, massage and rehabilitation.

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Chiropractic Treats

After years of practicing chiropractic care, soaking up knowledge from mentors and improving her skills, Dr Erin Conway founded Chiropractic Treats – a premier chiropractic clinic on the Mornington Peninsula.

Chiropractic Treats is Dr Erin’s passion project for providing holistic preventative healthcare which focuses on improving the body’s already amazing abilities. 

Her vision was to create an ethical chiropractic clinic where she can not only TREAT her patients but also give them the utmost CARE in a safe, relaxing environment. To avoid patients feeling like a number in a revolving door chiro clinic, Dr Erin provides long one-on-one chiropractic treatments tailored to the patient’s condition. 

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Chiropractic Treats’ mission

As your Mornington Peninsula chiropractor, Dr Erin Conway aims to deliver the highest quality chiropractic care to the local Mt Martha, Mornington, Mt Eliza and Frankston communities. Her premier treatments incorporate spinal care and massage at the clinic as well as a personalised rehabilitation program at home.

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Chiropractic Treats’ vision

Chiropractic Treats’ vision is to create a community where people enjoy a pain-free, happy and healthy life. Through preventative natural healthcare and teaching lifelong healthy habits, Dr Erin Conway aims to empower her patients to live their best life!

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At your Mornington Peninsula chiropractor appointment with Dr Erin, you will not just receive a quick chiropractic adjustment. She will also perform chiropractic massage – a soft tissue therapy for effective rehabilitation.

Of course, Dr Erin starts any treatment only after assessing your posture, spine and nervous system. If necessary, she will refer you for further X-ray imaging to precisely determine the root cause of the problem.

Still, your chiropractic care does not end in her office. Dr Erin will devise an individual treatment plan with dietary and ergonomic advice for you to follow at home.

Plus, she will tailor your exercise and stretching routine to your unique needs, ensuring your at home rehabilitation yields the best results and helps prevent injuries.

Dr Erin Conway’s multimodal approach promotes healing from all angles and makes her the best Mornington Peninsula chiropractor.

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Taking care of your health and well-being

Chiropractic care requires expert knowledge of the body and its movement, experience adjusting the spine and rehabilitating muscles, tendons and ligaments.
This is only the beginning of your Mornington Peninsula chiropractor treatments with Dr Erin. She will go the extra mile to ensure your long term health and well being through ongoing home care.
Reach out anytime for your 30-minute consultation and start living your life to the fullest!